A new Journey

I started my blogging journey nearly five years ago.  Hard to believe.  Even more unbelievable – what all our family has done, been and added since that time.  This started as a way for me to communicate with our family and friends while living in China.  I found that blogging actually helped me process the crazy emotions, put down the funny moments, and record the unforgettable stories.  More than a tool of communication – it became helpful to me.

I am starting a new journey.  We are now back from China…so our stories might not be as exotic.  (And to be honest now that we have three children my posts might not be as frequent.)  But, I still have requests from many to continue recording what God is doing in our daily lives.  I don’t promise it will be earth shattering or overly wise, but it will be honest and heart felt.

So welcome to the new (more open) blog of the Williams clan.  Where you will see how the Mr. is an awesome dad and husband juggling grad school while serving as the Director of Pastoral Training at GO International.  You will get to know our eldest (9 years old) who is crazy about soccer and believes he is in grad school himself.  Our middle monkey (7 years old) is the color of our family bringing all the drama and dance to our lives.  And our youngest (4 years old) who is still getting used to this crazy family, is learning English and has blessed us beyond measure.

Me?  I am sure that you will get to know me the best – maybe more than you will want to know.  WARNING.  As you get to know me you will hear a lot about orphans, will be taken down the path of adoption, see my parenting failures and victories, and see a few unforgettable faces.  As long as you have been warned…..

Let the journey begin.

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