Big News

So we have big, life altering news.  How do you go about blurting it out?  Seems like if I just say it – then it isn’t that big of a deal.  But it is.  It is huge.  Miraculous in fact.

There really wasn’t an announcement when we were expecting Samuel.  I think everyone could look at me and tell!  For Ruthie – we bought Sam a cute “I am the big brother” t-shirt and let him be a walking announcement.  When it was time to add Beth to the mix – We had been hoping and praying for so long to adopt.  I think the whole world (okay at least my whole world of people) were already praying for it to happen.

This time – well it has even caught us by surprise.

There is a little guy in Maoming China who needs a family.  We are a family who needs another little guy.  So the adoption journey begins again!  We couldn’t be happier!!  Bryan had been telling me for months to be careful looking at and praying for the list of children on China’s shared list of orphans needing families.  “One is going to call out to you.”  And his little photo did just that.  So I called and asked about him – the agency said they didn’t have anyone interested in him.  I found myself saying “that is changed.”

He is 12 months old, has hair that sticks up all over the place and is missing his left leg.  Can’t wait to be able to share photos with you.  You will fall in love with him too.  I just know it!  We are at the very early stages – filling out paperwork and waiting for our pre-approval from China.  This is actually the crucial wait time.  If we get the approval then it is a green light and we move forward.  Without it…..

So I am sure you are wondering how the other three kiddos are reacting to the news.

Sam thinks it is about time that we even things out around here.  “I need a brother.” He tells us every time the girls are hauling out the hair bows and dress-up clothes.  Ruthie immediately started in on names.  Beth was silent.  We explained to them that he is missing his leg, so at first I thought that was what was bothering her.  “What are you thinking, big girl?” I asked her.  “Did you say he doesn’t have a mommy?”  she whispered.  I nodded.  “Oh momma, we need to go get him.”  No leg – no big deal.  No Momma – BIG DEAL.  Oh, our sweet girl who has such depths to her heart that we still are learning.

So that is our news.  It’s a boy!

5 thoughts on “Big News

  1. Thanks for sharing Beth’s reaction.
    God sets the lonely in families (Ps 68:6).
    Praying for you all and hoping with you that this little guy can join your family soon.

  2. Beth’s reaction made me cry! So excited for all of you and I’m praying for a quick pre-approval from China 🙂

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