Best Birthday Ever!

Sam declared that turning 10 has been the best birthday ever!  What made it such a great day?  Chinese food at home and a bike!  He was thrilled with both.

I must say our attempt at Hot Pot really is the closest we have come to some of the food we loved in China.  We found a new Asian market and now we are stocked up with the spices we were missing, rice bowls and a hot pot of our very own!  We ate so much we didn’t want birthday cake and the girls have already put in their request for hot pot for EVERY birthday from here on out! 😉   Fun had by all!

2 thoughts on “Best Birthday Ever!

  1. Sarah, I should have made that part of the post! Thanks for asking.

    The “pot” is like a strong soup with some very yummy spices. There are many varieties, but my kids like the not to spicy kind! We then cook the raw veggies and meat in the soup. It is fun to sit around and chat while we cook our food at the table. It is very similar to fondue.

    The next time you visit we will have to make it for one of the meals. We are now looking for any excuse to make it again! 😉

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