Soccer Dude stood outside the closed bathroom door – legs spread, eyes directly facing forward, light saber held battle ready.  I was surprised, to say the least, when I rounded the corner and found him guarding the door.

Trying not to smile I asked my warrior, “hey, what’s up?”

“I am keeping sister safe from her fears of the dark.  I can’t stand it when she is scared.”  Matter of fact – just like that.

The story from Little Monkey.  “I called and you were busy.  You know I can’t go into a dark room.  I had to really go.  Brother helped me.  He even checked the shower with his light saber for dark monsters and promised to stand near by so I wouldn’t be scared.”

There are times as a mom that I want to pull my hair out, bang my head against a wall, or sit down in the midst of our family craziness and have a good cry.  Will they ever get it?  Am I speaking Greek when I explain how important it is to be kind, loving and stick together as a family.

I pray hard (and often.)  I come up with new charts, ideas and plans on how to best instruct the hearts of my three treasures.  Really.  I try not to bind my success as a person around my children, but to be frank I really want them to turn out to be people who love Jesus and show it through their actions.  I have given up hopes of teaching them not to pick their noses – but I still strive to instill compassion, love and joy.   In the middle of crazy moments I have even been known to raise my voice and shout, “PEACE! LOVE!! AND JOY!”  (I kinda wish I was making that up just to make this a better blog post and story.  I’m not.)  I don’t know.  Shouting these words at arguing children seems at times the only thing I know to do before I sit down and weep.

Then I find a warrior outside the bathroom door.

Tonight I am shedding different tears.  I am the one who has joy, love, peace…..and hope.  They are getting it!  I need to hold on to these moments and remember them when teaching my children seems like a job to difficult for me.

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