What shapes a family

As I watched my two year old take steps with his new prosthetic leg with the other three children cheering him on, I took a deep breath.  I didn’t want to breathe just so I would always remember this feeling.

You ever have one of those moments?  Time stops.  I am totally aware of all that is around me and I realize, “This is what I was created for.  God made me for this moment.”   This is my life.

Being a mom and adoption is hard work….harder than anything else I have done thus far.  But when I watch these four amazing little people….I truly can say I will never regret who our family has become and my role in their lives.

I am thrilled that Soccer Dude has wanted to make every trip to Shriner’s with his little brother.  “He needs the encouragement and I need to learn how his new leg will work.”  It warms my heart that Roo does not throw away the Barbies that are missing an arm or leg.  “She is no less a barbie with one arm,” I heard her explaining to Little Monkey.  (You can imagine the questions from little sister when one Barbie lost its head.  That was an interesting conversation as well!)  With each wheel chair that Little Monkey makes out of Legos, I see Little Man’s influence on our lives.  He is shaping our family in a way that would never have happened without him.  We are more compassionate, more aware, more loving and he inspires us to overcome obstacles that in the past would have seemed daunting.

We get questions about why we adopted and why we would choose a child with special needs.   It is not because we are amazing people, or because we have some mystical divine calling on our lives, or that we wanted to save an orphan.   What began as prayerfully considering our role in living out James 1:27 “caring for orphans and widows” ended up with an understanding that we needed these children in our lives.  We are better for it.  Adoption is God’s gift in my life that has brought me closer to understanding His heart.

After three grueling days of physical therapy, Little Man walked out of the hospital.  I was trying to lead him to our van so we could get him to the hotel for a nap….he wanted to head down the sidewalk and take the world by storm.   He had learned to walk so why not run head long into the next adventure!

This is my life.  I couldn’t be more blessed or content.

2 thoughts on “What shapes a family

  1. What a wonderful story. I had to laugh at the part about the Barbie losing it’s head. It’s wonderful the great lessons your children are learning from little man. Children adapt so fast to new things, so you better have your running shoes on. His new leg will quickly become his normal & he will be as fast as lightening.

  2. Dear Tammy, I just love to hear how God is doing such awesome things in your life and the kids! It is encouraging to hear your honesty and know God uses your experiences to challenge my own life! Love you -Rachel

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