Happy Birthday, Sam!

IMG_4524Eleven years ago, Bryan Williams and I were given an amazing gift.  (Could it really have been eleven years ago that I became a mom?)  The miraculous moment of his birth was a gift, but at the time I had no idea what that little bundle was going to add to my life.  I definitely am smarter because of him.  (He informs me of many facts each day that I scramble to verify.)   I am healthier (wouldn’t even consider raising chickens for fresh eggs if I didn’t have a son obsessed with hens.)   I am more creative (who would have thought that creating with legos could feel like a form of art?)  I also am more compassionate and not as self-centered (nothing like parenthood to show you how life isn’t just about you!)  Each year I am more grateful for this amazing kiddo God has entrusted us with.

A couple of days ago he asked me, “do you know how many years till I am a teenager?”  I about drove the van off the edge of the road.  Really hadn’t thought of it.  Thanks to my soccer dude – I now, can hardly get it out of my brain.

Time is flying.  So my goal is to soak it all in and enjoy every minute.  When he is reading a book instead of doing his chores, when he is making Little Man scream during one of his crazy piggyback rides, and even when he is making my head spin with another extremely logical argument – I am going to pause and remember that he won’t always be a little boy.   Not an easy thing for me to keep a hold of in the midst of our daily chaos.  Really?  I won’t always be doing a zillion loads of a laundry?   There could come a day when there won’t be barbie shoes or legos under my feet?  There might be a night when no one calls out my name?

I already have forgotten the smell of my newborn.  The fear of those first days of being a mom have been replaced with a normal hum…making it painfully clear.   We have a season with this gift.  This job will all to soon come to an end.   I need to invest all that I have.

Lord help me to make the most of every moment.

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