She’s Six

she is 6!

The sweet six year old behind this smile is one of my greatest joys in life!  We are celebrating her life today.

Little Monkey – who is working so hard at learning to read.  Her favorite things are coloring books, legos and barbies.  She loves eating rice and any sweets.  Totally my best helper, she can wash a sink of dishes in no time flat.

One super fun thing this year has been watching her grow into the roll of big sister.  She often is toting around her two year old brother (who seems almost as big as she is).  She loves entertaining him (as long as he doesn’t get into her legos!)  Crazy to think that she was the one always hanging on my leg – now she is the big sister who is setting a beautiful example of grace and love for little man.   She has become the one who is quick to share, offer a sympathetic pat and a creative way to pass the time.

So…you can imagine we were anxious to shower our sweet girl with extra attention today!  Birthday gifts, cake, meeting friends for a play-date at the park and watching a movie rather than doing school has made for a special birthday afternoon.

We are so incredibly blessed to have her in our lives.  Really couldn’t do life without her.

Happy Birthday Little Monkey!

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