Family field trip

Fun trip to the zoo to finish off our full semester study of flying creatures.  All these fun birds to look at and what do my children want to sit and watch…..the chickens.  Could have saved myself the hour drive and the entrance fee and just let them watch the 7 in my backyard all afternoon….like every other afternoon.  sheesh!  Okay, Little Man was interested in something besides the chickens – the trucks driving by the zoo caught his attention!

All joking aside, we had a GREAT day.  Little Monkey declared it the best late birthday trip EVER (enter sing song voice) and Roo reminded us that we are a “zoo family!”  Our love started with a family membership when she was a baby and we have taken great joy in visiting any zoo we can all over the world.  Fun hobby.  To bad their isn’t a zoo membership that would cover that.

Here are a few photos from our day.   Heavy on the birds….well, because that is what we have been studying.  Okay, so a few of some super cute kids too! 😉


And Little Man is ready to go!

IMG_5155 IMG_5139 IMG_5105 IMG_5104

IMG_5140 IMG_5092

IMG_5173 IMG_5131 IMG_5180

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