Maiden Voyage

IMG_6159Part of our trip north entailed hauling our pop-up camper.  It has been sitting for a year crying out to be used, but life has been crazy.  Not that hauling a camper to Michigan rather than breaking it in slowly isn’t crazy, but you know us.  We don’t do anything half way.

I grew up camping and love it.  I am not talking about the “park on a cement slab, plug in your air conditioning and go to the pool” type camping.  I am talking about “out house, fire pit, playing in the woods and bathing in the lake” type camping.   As hard core as I am portraying myself – I must admit I was shaking in my hiking boots at the thought of rustic camping with four (one of whom is potty training still.)    Little Monkey and Little Man have never been on one of our family camping trips.  But I shouldn’t have feared….they did great.   You should have seen Little Monkey, our picky eater, when she figured out that we got to eat all of our food outside and that we cooked over fire.  Little Man enjoyed himself some roasted marshmallows too.  He also embraced “going potty like a deer.”  He isn’t to happy about me insisting he use the bathroom inside now that we are home!

Soccer dude has a new love of fishing, but I think he actually enjoyed reconnecting with his cousins more than anything.  Oh yes, I didn’t even tell you that part….my sisters and their families came along.  Let’s just say that nine children and two dogs don’t always make for a peaceful vacation in the woods and my parents deserve to be nominated for sainthood!  Here is a peek at our fun:

















Okay, I promised my sisters that I wouldn’t post the whole family shots.  (We hadn’t showered for many days by this time in the trip.  Can you smell us?)  But, look how fun this is?!  How could I not post it!  Love my family.


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