Quail eggs and bus rides

photo 1 As we get settled into our apartment, one armload at a time, there are some long days.  If you need to buy an ironing board, mop and bucket, laundry basket, Tupperware containers, flour and rice (not to mention a coffee pot and rice cooker) it takes many trips on the bus back and forth to the market.  You can only hold so many purchases while standing on a crowded bus.  There are days I miss our blue minivan!

In contrast, as we settle into new relationships and rekindle old, the time flies!

This evening went by in a flash as we ate hot pot with good Chinese friends.  Sipping tea while cooking our food in mini soup bowls at our table as we caught up, equals a perfect evening and marks why we returned.    The kids ate so much I thought they might get sick.  Our host chuckled that Soccer Dude and Roo had spent enough of their early days here to have a love for the local food that most foreign children don’t have!  The young two also enjoyed the meal.  When quail eggs were ordered because “children always love these” I had my doubts.  To my surprise the kids were popping the tiny eggs in their mouths as if they were candy.  I personally wasn’t as fond of them so I stuck with the mushrooms, tofu and rice noodles.  All so yummy.

Our friends have also spent some time in Michigan.  As we enjoyed the food, I asked them what American food they had enjoyed in the States.  “Oh we loved that general tso’s chicken, eggs rolls and sesame chicken you have in the States.”  I almost choked on my tofu from laughing.  What we call Chinese food in the states is nothing like what they have here!


Enjoying the food and friendships while settling in – it makes the multiple bus trips seem a lot less difficult! 😉

photo 2

photo 3

The pictures are a bit blurry, but you get the idea!  We had a great time.  Somehow I missed getting a photo of Little Man.  He was running around the room entertaining everyone and I was focused on keeping him away from the hot soup pots!  We will get a photo of him next time!

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