our new home

This post is especially for Nana.  Okay, anyone else who wants to know what our new home looks like can take a peek too.   But, I am mostly posting so the grandmother of my children will know that we are living in a very nice apartment!  🙂  For sure there are many oddities to the place – from my American perspective, but nice just the same.

We will start our tour in the kitchen.  Yes those are green cabinets…fun right?!  The small appliance on the counter top is our oven.  I will give you a closer look.



It works great.  You just need to do one tray of cookies at a time.


This is our dining room (and where most of the Williams homeschooling action takes place!)  The far left of the photo is our front door.


And here is the living room.  Can’t you just see this space filled with 40+ students borrowing books, playing games and engaging in meaningful conversations!


The washing machine is in our bathroom.  Which is only odd when you see that we have a very Chinese shower.


That is the water heater and shower.  You just wash up and let the whole bathroom get wet as the water flows to the drain in the center of the floor.  For this uptight woman who likes a clean house, I have been having a hard time with a wet bathroom…x6.  But then I quickly realized how clean our bathroom floor stays.  Not bad!  We are hoping to install a tub – for Little Man.

For now….


So if the washer is in the bathroom you might wonder where the dryer is at.


There is a small closet size room on the sunny side of the apartment for drying clothes.  How smart is that?!  Why don’t we have these in the States?

On to the kids’ bedrooms.  We were thrilled to find bunk beds.  Most Chinese families only have one child so they are not popular in these parts, to say the least, but we did find them.

This is the girls’ room


And for the boys


We were excited to find a bed with stairs rather than a ladder.  In my brain it was safer for Little Man and might keep him from swinging from the ladder by one leg.  Within an hour of the bed being set up he had climbed up the opposite end and was dangling from his short leg.  He is impossible!

Just realized I forgot to take a photo of the master bedroom.   It is a nice sized room with a bed, wardrobe and our desk.


As you can see we are in a very nice new home and are getting comfortable in our new space.

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