One less

I sat in our Sunday gathering watching a family sitting in the pew several rows ahead of our gang.  Two parents and four boys, three white one brown.  Why did tears spring to my eyes as I watched them?  Our community was celebrating Orphan Sunday and literally sitting in front of me I was seeing one of my pr@yers for an orphan being answered.  He no longer is an orphan.  He is soon to be a son.

I wrote about my dear student several months ago.  I poured my grief and heart out in that post thinking that he had little chance as an older boy of finding a family.  You can read it here.  What did I know?!  Gd is the Father to the fatherless with a plan for my friend.

My pr@yers for him and his new family continue.  There is a long road ahead of them – paperwork, social work visits, fees to be paid.  I would appreciate you lifting them up as well.  May Gd provide in miraculous ways for this family who has stepped forward to claim this little guy as their son.

See?!  Great Orphan Sunday!

As if my heart could handle any more…one of the workers gave a report from the local orphanage.  My heart leapt with joy knowing that soon I will be joining the work there.  I have a meeting with the director on Tuesday to hear what their hopes are for my role there.  Pr@y for wisdom (and for my Chinese!)  There is much work that could be done, and not enough time for me to do all that my heart desires. Maybe I shouldn’t just ask for wisdom, but for a clear mind.  My heart can get in the way and I very willingly would bring 90 children home with me.  (Hubby thanks you for your pr@yers!)

Part of the report was a list of requests from the staff at the orphanage.  If you feel led, this is how you can pr@y:

  • Pr@y for more nannies to care for the children
  • Pr@y for unity between the staff
  • Pr@y for the health of the children with winter approaching
  • Pr@y for special events being planned like a Christmas party.

Also they are trying to get approval for “drop boxes” to be set up in the city.   These “drop boxes” would be heated safe locations where parents could anonymously drop off infants.  This would be much better for the children, who often aren’t found quickly and can be exposed to cold.

Just a little secret between you and I…since seeing my pr@yers answered for my student, I have boldly started asking for 49 more children from this orphanage to find families.  I know He is able.  Thank you so much for joining us.  It made a difference for my friend and I know it will for the other children as well.

Let me close today with a video about Orphan Sunday.  Couldn’t say it better myself.

Francis Chan For Orphan Sunday from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.

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