Christmas Open House – Decorating Cookies

It has been a busy two weeks around here.  Let me tell you what has filled our time….baking cookies!  With an oven the size of a toaster oven, baking cookies for all of Hubby’s students was time consuming, but well worth the effort.  I also had great help which made the task much more fun!


The students all had a great time decorating cookies.  Many of them had not done it before and took cues from Roo and Little Monkey on how it was done.  My kids crack me up in these settings.  They become little experts helping the students, entertaining and ultimately being amazing hosts.  One of my gifts is not hospitality so I guess the Guy upstairs knew I needed four little loves to help me out!










Great conversations about Christmas and many photos in front of our Christmas tree rounded out the afternoon.  Love, love our lives here.  Have I mentioned that before?! 😉






3 thoughts on “Christmas Open House – Decorating Cookies

  1. Thank you all of you! I loved seeing the pictures and Cindy and I have you in our “thoughts” always!! It was so good to see all of the kids I have grown to love so much. We love you guys!

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