Amazing, Awful, Adoption

IMG_4231I have had so many folks asking how art classes at the orphanage are going – I know this post is overdue – but I just don’t know how to put it all into words.  Shocking, I know!

I want to say they are AMAZING.  Well, because they are!  I have two classes of some of the best kids.  This week we created all kinds of magic with play dough and the next class we “painted” fireworks to get ready for Chinese New Year.  The kids thought I was joking as I handed out straws for them to blow the paint around the paper.   The first blow brought out gasps of disbelief.  So fun.  Their skeptical faces were soon transformed through laughter as they created all sorts of cool patterns.  One boy said, “It really does look like a “boom”!”

As I stood there and laughed with them, congratulated them on art well done, and watched them play with a novelty item like a straw….I thought again how blessed I am.  Blessed to have the opportunity to teach these amazing kids.   I was created for this.  Love it.

As amazing as it is…..

I also want to say that it is AWFUL.

Actually, awful isn’t a strong enough word.  How can I love on these kids for a couple hours a few days a week and then walk away knowing they are still there.  It is painful to cuddle a sweet five year old and teach him the names of the colors and realize he won’t be cuddled at bedtime.

My mother’s heart breaks for them and my heart’s cry is for them all to find families and to be given a hope and a future.

So how are my art classes….amazing and awful.  I am not sure how to reconcile that.  Well, maybe another “A” word could redeem it.  ADOPTION.

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