Double Digits

IMG_7635I am sure you anticipate a sappy post about another one of my babies getting older.  It has been established; I am a sap.  If an anti-growth serum existed, I would for sure inject my children.  I love the stage and age we are at…always…and hate to see each season pass.


But, Roo, who turned 10 today, said something that stopped this sap in her tracks.

I asked how she wanted to celebrate her birthday this year.  After a moment of thought she replied, “could I celebrate by going to the orphanage and helping you with art classes this week?”

She is growing up to be such a compassionate young lady.  I love how she thinks of others and is looking for a way to give of herself.  I am proud of her and her soft heart.


We have often been asked how adoption and moving to Asia has impacted our children.  Two different questions, but yet kinda the same.

I am not exactly sure how to answer them, but when I hear my 10 year old ask to help at the orphanage I know that the impact has been real and good.  I wouldn’t change it for the world.

All this to say…I am excited to see how Gd is shaping this young soul and I guess I wouldn’t slow it down one bit.  I probably am half way through my time with her in my home (sniff, sniff) but I think the most exciting part is yet to come!






2 thoughts on “Double Digits

  1. Fourteen and sixteen years olds are wonderful, too. We were just at Mark’s a week ago and I aways get feelings like yours after spending time with them. We hope we get to see you. They will be at the reunion.

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