Mountain Man

This past weekend Hubby had the delight of chaperoning a camping trip for Soccer Dude’s afternoon 6th grade class.  Delight isn’t the first word that Dad used as he walked in the door smelling of campfire and needing a desperate cup of coffee after no sleep and miles of hiking….but after a hot shower and a cup of coffee! 😉

I have mentioned in the past that we live in a city of millions – but I am not sure if I have explained that we are also in the mountains.  The city where we live is huge…..but if you travel just a short distance you realize that the mountains that surround us dwarf the city.  My guys went and tackled some of those mountains.

I loved hearing that as soon as camp was set up Soccer Dude had a large stick and took off on his own to hike to the peak.  Once he made it, he opened his pocket knife and used it to slow himself down as he jumped to the waiting cliff more than 16 feet below.  (That is why Dad’s chaperone and not Moms!)  Once at camp again, he rallied his friends and led them to the top as well.

photo 1

Can you find our Mountain Man in this photo?

Here is a zoom in to prove he made it!

photo 2

There are many, many more peaks to explore on future trips.

photo 3


There is nothing like getting out of the city for a few days.  We might be country people who are thriving in a large city, but every once in awhile you just need a bit of country.  Thankful that we are surrounded by places that can scratch that itch.  My guys came home with grand plans of picking up more camping gear and heading out as a family!  The little 2 man tent that Hubs feet stuck out of all night (we are taller than most asians!) isn’t quite gonna cut it!  Tents, sleeping bags, fishing poles and fire gear are in our future….now just for a car!   Can’t believe I am even thinking about driving in this country; I love me some city buses!  After seeing these photos and hearing the excitement in my boy’s voice….it might be worth it.

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