GREAT News! Hoping for more…

I have AMAZING news!  Manning, a 13 year old I shared with you last month, has a family!  He has been chosen.  A family is working to come for him.  He is loved and will be called son!  Doesn’t that just give you goose-bumps?!  I am over the moon excited for him and hopeful.

I had just been crying about these boys to my ever understanding hubby. “Why is no one looking at their files?  Why aren’t there enough families willing to adopt older boys?  Where are the miracles?”  As we pr@yed together that night, I had no idea that another family was starting paperwork for one of the boys I was crying for.  When I found out the next day my heart soared.  JC is hearing our pr@yers.   He is pursuing the hearts of families on behalf of these children!

Here are two more boys who are near and dear to my heart.  They are hoping and waiting for a family of their own. Would you join me in pr@ying for them?

The first, Ewing, was one of my students before he started going to local school.  He is so fun-loving!  Oh, the jokes he told me!  He wasn’t a huge fan of getting paint on his hands but he loved making me laugh!

Here is what the CHI website has to say about this amazing 7 year old who wants to be adopted:

11164895_1441908826120072_7489767346815759890_oEwing is a boy who needs a family to look inside his eyes and see the beauty of his soul! What a treasure this boy is at 7 years old! During a recent visit of our CHI team to his orphanage, he ran up and greeted the team with a hearty good morning He was so excited to see us! Later in the day, we watched a special activity led by an NGO that works with the orphanage while he painted Easter Eggs, he was so proud of them, and smiled broadly at each compliment he received. He is so open and eager to connect with people, clearly an extrovert. The NGO’s social worker told our team, “this boy is so bright, he has no issues with his mental capacity, but many think he must be delayed because of his physical appearance. Nothing holds him back; he tries everything with a happy heart!”

He goes to school in a local kindergarten. He lives in a foster home on the grounds of the orphanage with three other children. His foster mother said that Ewing is very outgoing, but he changes his friends often because kids sometimes make fun of him because they think he looks different. But, that doesn’t stop him making new friends! He keeps on trying. He loves to tell jokes, laughs easily and would bring adventure…if not a bit of mischief to a family! He is friendly and once mom asks him for help, he will hop up and do it immediately. He can take care of himself all his hygiene and dressing needs. He engages in simple conversation with people. The foster mother said she always takes great care to ensure he doesn’t fall down.

Ewing was sponsored for surgery in Singapore when he was younger and there is a great deal of information about his surgery and recovery for families to review.

Our CHI Team leader who visits his orphanage regularly said this, “This boy is SO adoptable! He is ready for a family to embrace his immeasurable value as a human being! He fills my heart with hope when I encounter him, he is so ready to dive into a family who will love him and give him the confidence that only belonging can, so he can truly open up and experience the world. Where is his family?”

Ewing, really has no hope of a normal future if not adopted.  Please pr@y for the miracle of family for him!


I really knew nothing about cerebral palsy before I started volunteering at the orphanage.  I am positive that if I saw a child with this diagnosis on a file, I never would have looked twice or considered adopting him.  Cerebral palsy was scary in my book.  Now….well, my life has been changed by these kids.  I have watched them with determined looks on their faces overcome physical barriers.  I have had them show me compassion, love, and tenderness that truly is an example of the heart of JC – like nothing else.  They really are precious children who bless my socks off and I can promise you that your home would be blessed by adding a child like Fielding into your family.

Here is what the CHI website says about this precious boy who hopes to be adopted:

Fielding_1_033115Fielding is as gentle and loving as a child can be. He was met in March 2015 by members of the Children’s House International China team where he touched them all. This was their report.

“Fielding, was a surprise to our CHI team when we met he and his foster mother at the orphanage. A first, he was a bit shy, and held back a bit when we spoke with him. But we were all delighted to see his handsome eyes and beautiful smile more and more as our time wore on. Fielding has been fostered by the same family since the age of 1. With many independent living skills he learns more slowly, but he continues to achieve the goals when given the time to practice. His foster mother emphasized that when she is calm and peaceful in her instruction of him, that he is very willing to learn. She encourages him often and uses patience in his instruction. He likes to go for a walk after breakfast and he will remind the mother to take the keys and her cell phone before they leave the house. He also is quick to remind his foster father to give some oxygen to the fish in the family’s aquarium. After a refreshing walk, they go home for lunch. He will play quietly with his favorite cars when his foster mother is cooking, and if he wants to use bathroom, he walk to his mom and ask for help. When lunch is ready, he can use his spoon to feed himself without help.

Fielding’s foster mother shared, “He is a very special boy, he focuses on detail and is very good at observation. He is polite, generous, and sensitive and can easily steal people’s hearts by looking at their face with his lovely eyes. He likes to touch your hair gently, hug you or share good things with you to show his love. He is a thoughtful and obedient child. Once, I was sick and I was vomiting, and he patted me on my back gently and then sat beside my bed to help me feel better and to express his love.” It is evident that he has been loved and cared for, and that he has shared many precious things with his foster parents, who hope that he will have a loving, forever family of his own!”


Please pr@y for Ewing and Fielding and the other waiting children to find forever families.  They can be adopted through Children’s House International.  You can contact them directly through their website or email me and I will put you in touch with their social worker.

Believing in a miracle for each of these boys!

2 thoughts on “GREAT News! Hoping for more…

  1. I didn’t know Ewing was one of yours! He’s on my heart too. Go to the CHI fb page and they share a link for a 4 part video documentary of his getting surgery as a baby. It’s super touching and makes him even more endearing. They have videos of Fielding, Jenning, and Kipling that CHI staff took too. They say that kids with videos are more likely to be adopted. Manning was on my heart too. I’m so glad he has a family.

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