Birthday Boy

Recently his best friend was adopted and he has been asking when his mother will come and get him.

Be still my heart.


That is the update we received on our newest addition.  If it wasn’t hard enough to miss his second birthday…now I think my heart might break for a new two year old who is waiting for me.  I thought I was the one waiting.  How can a baby understand and want to be adopted?  But then again, if I really think about it…I am sure every baby who is left yearns for his mother.  Kids need families.

We were able to get a package to him for his birthday along with some Christmas goodies and a little photo album of our family.  He got a bowling set – in return we got new photos and more info on the little guy who will be the next Williams.  We have learned that he is very verbal, goes to preschool in the mornings, is big for his age, has a temper, and loves balls, trucks and blocks.  All of a sudden some of the names we had on our list don’t seem….big or enough!  Does he really look like a Moe?



The nanny at his foster home promised to prepare him for adoption and asked us to come for him quickly, “He is waiting and asking for you.”  The next two months might be the longest of our lives.  We would appreciate you praying for him as he waits, praying for our paperwork to come through in a timely manner and for God’s provision for the remaining funds we need to complete his adoption. David, Ezekiel, Joseph, Levi or Thaddeus.  Zacharias, Seth, Jacob or Jeremiah.  We could use some prayer for the name department too!



Happy Birthday, Moe.  It will be your last as an orphan.  Next year you will be in Momma’s arms.



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4 thoughts on “Birthday Boy

  1. He is precious!! How confusing for a little guy all this adoption stuff must be! I am sure God will prepare your family and him for this, and it will be worth waiting those extra two months for. No, I don’t think he looks like a Moe….I am leaning more toward Levi…he looks like a Levi to me….big and strong. Whatever you name him, he will be a Williams from now on, and that is the important name. God bless you all and keep you in His care.

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