A change in plans

Our one legged wonder can hop as fast as any kid can run on two legs.  It makes my heart stop to watch him hopping at break neck speed down the sidewalk of the university campus where we live.  I keep thinking he might trip on a bump in the cement.  He hasn’t yet.  I guess it is just a mother thing-  Worrying about things that I should just let go.

He has been doing a lot of hopping these days because he hasn’t been able to wear his prosthesis in over a week.  That is a huge bummer for an active 6 year old.  He usually puts it on as soon as he gets up in the morning and is running all day.

Almost three weeks ago, just as we were adding Moe to our family, a small lump formed on his residual limb.  It has grown and is now the source of his hopping.  We had an x-ray taken and sent to his team of doctors in the States and they confirmed the nagging feeling we had – he needs surgery for bone spurs (a similar surgery to what he had two years ago.)

This drastically changed our plans for the semester.  We had envisioned a slow semester as we settle into life with five kids instead a trek across the ocean is in our near future.  The procedure can not be put off until the end of Hubby’s semester which ends the first week of July and we are not able to have the surgery and have a new prosthetic made locally.

We are looking into many options which include me flying to the States with the kiddos until after surgery, recovery and a new prosthesis is made (about 2 months) or Little Man and I going to the States for the surgery flying back to our home for recovery and then back to the States again for a new leg.  Both options kinda stink for different reasons.

We would appreciate you thinking of us as we make decisions in the next week.  Until then, I am flying to GuangZhou to finish up Moe’s adoption paperwork.  We had planned to do it over Hubby’s spring break and go as a family – but with everything up in the air we have decided to go ahead and get it done.  Moe, Roo and I will be gone a week as Hubby holds down the fort with the other kids while teaching.  He is a rockstar, but I am sure a bit of prayer for him wouldn’t hurt either!

God has always been so gracious to us and we know that He will see us through this season as well!

Cute bonus photo!  My three babies!

One thought on “A change in plans

  1. Life is never dull for your family! I know you will make the right decision and God will be with you. Sending prayers for a calm and good outcome!!

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