There’s a 4 year old in the house

IMG_8331“I was born in China.  You adopted me and now I am four.”  That is his story and he is repeating it to me over and over.  Sometimes it ends with the question, “So now I am always four?”  His little mind is working hard to wrap his brain around the milestones we have been celebrating.

Within two weeks of each other we celebrated Little Man’s birthday and the day he became a Williams.

Although he is a big boy, this Little Man still loves to crawl up into momma’s lap and suck his thumb.  He was snuggled in yesterday, his birthday.  We had said that we were going to read a book, but the morning had been filled with the excitement of some gifts….new legos and little toy planes.  He flew those toys all over the house and now he was out of gas.  The book in my lap was quickly forgotten and his eyes became heavy.   I took the moment to rock my boy again realizing that such moments are quickly passing as he gets bigger.  Those long legs already hang over my knees.  Who knows how many more times he will ask, “will you hold me?”

I now have been holding him for two years.  He spent two years without me and we have been working hard to make up the moments we missed.  I don’t know what he looked like as he entered the world and there is a woman somewhere who held him then and wonders what he looks like now, four years later.

We sang happy birthday to him after dinner.  When we began our pitchy version of the song he began to turn circles dancing to his birthday song.  What joy.  My heart was full as I watched him.  Celebrating his life and the undeserving gift I have to be his mom.

Trains, Planes and Rickshaws!

Since I last wrote, we have traveled by bus, train, plane, boat and rickshaw.


After a long and exhausting day (exhausting, is the nice word I came up with after sitting here and pondering for several moments) of traveling we couldn’t find taxis.  Only 4 people are allowed in a taxi, so we need two.  We opted to jump in two of these crazy contraptions with our luggage for the last leg of our journey.  The kids thought it was hysterical.  My husband kissed me and said this is why he married me.  Hehehe – I guess it only takes me being a bit crazy to keep him crazy in love with me!

Where did we go that was worth traveling by rickshaw?

We went to a community center in south China to meet up with others who work with our company teaching english in various parts of Asia. In part this was to fulfill the yearly requirement of training, but it wasn’t just training (although there was a good deal of that).  We enjoyed getting to know others who live lives similar to our own – we worshiped together, studied together, shared stories and gained encouragement.  On top of that, the kids loved the classes and  activities that were prepared for them!

I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t mention that I also enjoyed not cooking, staying in a western guest house that had a washer and dryer!  We also enjoyed the english library and playground along with some warmer weather.  I am embarrassed at how much pizza, hamburgers, and coffee we consumed.  I am not a huge McDonalds fan – but there is something about not having a hamburger for 6 months that makes a Big Mac and a Diet Coke taste super yummy.  The drink I got at Starbucks was also heavenly!

While we were there we celebrated Little Monkey’s 7th birthday.  Birthdays are a big deal in our family and I have never tried to pull one off while away from home.  It stressed me out a bit.  But, I should not have worried.  All the kids at the conference enjoyed pitching in for a birthday bash for our girl and our sweet leaders planned a special evening of activities – cupcakes, an orbz ball (kinda like a human hamster ball that kinda made me want to be sick but the kids thought it was grand fun) and fireworks!  She deemed it the “best birthday ever” as she watched the fireworks and ran around with her new friends spelling her name with sparklers.


After the conference we tacked on a few days of rest at an M guest house.  More reading, more western food, more warm weather and new family memories.


The short of it.

We are now trained, rested, fattened up, and ready to begin a new semester!