He is ours! Pre-Approval has arrived.

Woke to a very welcomed email this morning….we have pre-approval to adopt Zhung Xun!  We are beyond the moon excited to have this little paper in hand.  Our social worker, with Lifeline Adoptions, told us that she has never seen an adoption not go through once a family has pre-approval.   I really had been holding my heart back waiting on this approval.  We didn’t meet all of the requirements to adopt from China again – so it was a long shot to ask for this little guy.  But we felt compelled to move forward.  It has been a long couple of weeks hoping and praying that the waivers needed really were coming and the official approval would be granted.  Oh, the relief!  Oh, the joy!  My heart is now gone.  I have another son out there waiting for his Momma to come and get him.  I am ready to tackle the mound of paperwork to make it happen!

The other fun part about getting pre-approval – we can now announce to the world who our new boy is and share photos.  So, here he is.  Introducing Isaac (middle name to be announced) Zhong Xun Williams!  (Hmmmm, middle name to be announced could work as a middle name.  hee hee!  We really are trying to decide how to include his Chinese name and a family name, but that is a post for another day.  Back to the announcement…..)

The Lifeline staff who visited the kids at the Mao Ming orphanage said that he is a favorite – a charmer.  They also noted that, “Zhong Xun is a content child who is generally calm and happy. He is sweet-spirited and is welcoming to people—familiar and unfamiliar. He also likes for people to sing to him.”  I will share more photos as we get them.

His birthday is September 2, 2010 and he is currently in Mao Ming, China.  His file says that he is on target developmentally with other 13 month old babies and is very healthy.  His special need is a missing left leg – but we are confident that he is going to be able to overcome that small issue quickly.  Samuel (big brother) says, “good thing he is young.  I can teach him how to play soccer with one leg since we will be starting early.  No problem.”  I think having Shriner Hospital and their great care will also help! 😉

Okay, one more photo to share with you today.  This is the photo that “called” out to us.  I saw this little guy with sticky up hair and I couldn’t get him out of my mind.  Then, when my college roommate (Bryan says thanks, Heather!) called and asked if we had seen him.  “He would be perfect for you!” she said over the phone.  Well, that put us over the top and we made the phone calls.   Isn’t he the cutest?  Okay, you can tell I am out of my mind excited because this post is starting to get rambley.  Show me grace this once…..I am an excited mom.


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