Paper pregnancy

We are in the thick of it now.  Paper chasing is what they call it in the adoption world….I think I should call it “Tammy carrying around a folder of papers acting like a crazy woman.”  There is nothing like a photo of a tiny little guy to motivate this woman.  The faster I gather these papers – the faster we will be one step closer to bringing our little man home.

So my days have been filled with homestudy meetings, doctor appointments, getting bank statements, background checks filed for every state we have lived in since we were 18 (any guesses on how many of those I had to get?!)  letters of employment, reference letters, passport photos, copies of every id they can think of, taking photos of our home, essays about our marriage, getting a copy of the dog’s shot record (Yes, you read the last one right!)…..the list seriously seemed endless.  Sigh!  Definitely more fun to make a baby the good old fashion way. 😉

Feels good to have it all pulled together and the list all checked off.  It is all turned into our wonderful social worker (who is writing our homestudy as we speak!  Hopefully.)  So now I officially feel like we are “pregnant.”  The work is done the count down is on! 😉  I am exhausted and a bit moody.  All seems fitting.

The question I am being asked most is “when can you go get your new son?”  If all goes without delay (which did not happen for us with Beth’s adoption so we are due this time, right?!)  then we should be able to go get him the end of next summer.  No set due date with a paper pregnancy.   After our homestudy is complete then we will submit our paperwork to the US government to get approval to adopt internationally.  Then we will move on to the Chinese government.  It is a long process, but will be worth it to bring our little man home.

4 thoughts on “Paper pregnancy

  1. Sounds like we are right at the same “place” with Lifeline…we have “PA” for beautiful “Maggie”…(Lifeline’s China Waiting List)! Look forward to following your journey to this beautiful little boy!!

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