A sneak peek.

Just thought I would share a link to a short video of our little man.  This isn’t the new one.  It is several months old, but still is fun to see.  Oh, that hair!  Big brother is already saying that he needs it buzzed off!  Not sure that mom agrees.


password: collin1

The hot link should be on the sidebar.

3 thoughts on “A sneak peek.

  1. So thanks for last night’s meeting, I just realized you have a blog. Your little man is stinkin’ adorable! He’s so tiny in this video. I realize its a few months old, but somehow I wasn’t thinking you all were adopting such a young one. I know, I know, I approved you for a young one, but when you see him on video, he’s so tiny! Love the hair! Are you sure you don’t want to name him Elvis?

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