Isaac’s Adoption Update

Tomorrow marks one more step towards bringing Isaac home.  We are headed to the Kentucky Immigration and Homeland Security office to be fingerprinted.  I don’t totally understand this part of the process but I think it has something to do with the US government giving us permission to bring Issac to the States.   I just know there are a lot of hoops to jump through and it seems to take forever!  Once we get all the permission we need from the States we then turn around and send all of our paperwork to China to get the official letter of approval to become his parents.

We would appreciate your prayers on behalf of our paperwork.  Even a small mistake in the papers can slow down the adoption process by months (as we painfully discovered while adopting Beth!)

I told myself I was going to be cool and calm this time around – as in, not count the days of waiting to go get our little man.  I had been doing pretty good.  Then a mixed blessing was delivered in my inbox.  A family, who was picking up their child from the orphanage where Issac is living, posted a short video.  They were having a birthday party at the orphanage and the family caught it on video.  Our little boy was sitting in a chair, one leg hanging over the edge, just a kicking happily waiting for a piece of cake!   There he was….just two weeks ago.  So fun!!

Posted with the video were photos of where our baby is living until we go get him.  Oh, the orphanage looks nice enough.  The photos of the kitchen where spotless.  The nannies all smiling and holding chubby sweet looking children.  But one photo broke this mom’s heart and made me start counting the days.  A room filled with so many metal cribs I couldn’t count them, made a tear come to my eyes.  I couldn’t look away.  I wished I hadn’t seen it.  Our boy is there sleeping in a room filled with a ton of other kids.  One tiny voice in the midst of a whole room of children with no mother.

I am ready to have him crawl in bed with me when he has a bad dream.  I want to hear him cry if he kicks off the covers and gets cold.  I ache to teach him that he is not one of many children….but one special little boy who is loved and will be care for all his days.  So, pray hard if you would.  Pray that I can endure the wait.  Pray that the wait is as short as possible.

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