The year of the dragon

at the Chinese Culture Festival - UK

Monday was the day.  The first day of Spring Festival – or Chinese New Year!  It could have gone by without notice in our small Kentucky town.  There are no fireworks to mark the occasion (I must say I don’t miss the two weeks of constant firecrackers from our China days!), but we did manage to celebrate!

We enjoyed an awesome meal at a local Chinese resteraunt with our Wilmore Adoption Support Group.   Then we were off to the University of Kentucky campus to attend the Chinese Cultural Festival.  We enjoyed the dragon dance, fan dancers, acrobats, bubble tea, and traditional Chinese music.  I think the kids loved staying out so late!

Red envelopes with money for the children along with a new set of clothes to start the new year completed our celebrations.  It wasn’t the same as enjoying the holiday in China – but we did our best and enjoyed.


$8 for an order of dumplings.

$10 a ticket for the UK Chinese Festival.

$5 in a red envelope.

Our little monkey saying, “I love being Chinese.”  Priceless!



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