A bit of news – Adoption update

No news doesn’t always = good news when you are going through the adoption process.  We learned that the first time around.  One of the most frustrating, painful, stressful things in life is waiting for weeks on end hoping your paperwork is done right and that it hasn’t been lost in the mail or at the bottom of a pile of papers on someone’s desk.  It is a true test of faith.  Many times I wondered if there would be a child at the end of this grueling process.   I find myself looking at our adopted daughter with a sense of hope.  God brought us through last time and He will be faithful this time too.

That was a long lead in to our most recent adoption news!

We got a request for more information in the mail from the USCIS (the US office of immigration).  There was a paragraph missing in our homestudy that our officer wanted included.  This is no reason to panic.  It actually was exciting.  Our amazing social worker fixed the offending paragraph and sent it on its way back to the office.

The exciting part….because they asked for more information it means we have been assigned an officer and should be approved SOON!  We anticipated waiting for at least another month before we would be at the approval stage.  Yahoo for 30 days early!

This also means my fingerprints went through even though they had a hard time getting clear prints from my guitar abused dry paws.  GREAT News!  I am rejoicing in each little step that brings us one step closer to our little man.  You can only imagine the party I will throw when we have the actual approval in hand and are ready to send the whole stack of papers to China.

We appreciate all of your prayers. Keep them up!  God is faithfully bringing us through every small step.

One thought on “A bit of news – Adoption update

  1. Thanks for the update. We are still praying and know that God’s good and perfect will is going to take place. Love you guys! ~rachel

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