Genevieve & Gary need families

“There are no unwanted children – just unfound families.”

The above quote has made me pray harder for a few dear children that have grabbed my heart.  Genevieve and Gary are looking for their forever families.  They don’t have major medical/special needs….they are simply older.  There are few families who are able or willing to consider older children which makes their chances for finding a family very slim.  Would you pray with me that God would work a miracle to place these sweet kiddos into families?  A family to help Genevieve catch up in school.  A family who would encourage Gary in his art.  I know God has great plans for these kids.

Genevieve – female, age 12, older child. Update received in January 2012: Genevieve is always optimistic. Although, at times, she has a difficult time at school because she missed a lot of education when she was younger, she tries very hard. She never wants to give up. After her best friend was adopted, she showed a very strong desire to go to the United States. She is a “typical” girl and is close to her foster mother. Her favorite thing is to go shopping with her foster mom.
Gary – male, age 11, older child. Update received in January 2012: Gary’s speech is pretty clear. He is outgoing and full of energy. He loves to play games. He knows his lip doesn’t look perfect. He told his friend he will work very hard when he grows up and he will make a lot of money. Then he can let the best doctor fix his lip. It is reported that Gary is a very “sunshine” boy. He has a sense of humor and he always tells jokes to his friends and family. He loves to paint cartoon characters.

My kids have had the flu this week.  I ran to get my Little Monkey a cup of Sprite and a straw then snuggled with her to make sure she didn’t need anything else.  “Momma hold my hand.” she said in her scratchy little voice.  “I am glad you are my Mommy.”

I am so glad too.

It made me pray that our Little Man (who is waiting for us in China) doesn’t get sick before I am able to be there to take care of him.  It also made me think of all the Garys and Genevieves who might never have the comfort of a mom- they call their own- to care for them when they have the flu.

It is not how it should be.

Let’s pray and work to make sure that it is not the case.

If you think one of thee children belong in your family or you know someone who would be open to adopting an older child you can contact Lisa Kelly at Lifeline Children’s Services:

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