Where he’s waiting

Our little man

Our little man is from Maoming, China (in the southeast).  The unique thing about the orphanage in Maoming is its relationship with Lifeline Children’s Service (our adoption agency).  Lifeline specifically has been given permission to advocate for children from this orphanage and they have been able to send staff, including a doctor, to visit the children.  As a result we have been blessed with so much more information then is normal.  Photos of the orphanage, indepth medical records, photos of our little man – each piece of information is a priceless window into our son’s early days.


The above link is a video of the orphanage in Maoming.  Half the Sky is a foundation that has been helping this orphanage with training nannies, supplies and medical programs.  I believe this video was made because of that program.  Our son is not in the video – but it does give us an idea of where he is while we are waiting.

Did you see all of those sweet kids?  Maybe it is just me, but I can’t get over how many children in just this one orphanage are without parents.  Breaks my heart.  I feel blessed to be bringing one into our family – truly the blessing will be ours.  Oh that all the blessings represented in that video would be realized.  Can you imagine how many families would be that much sweetier by including these kids.


Praying that my boy comes home soon.  Praying for the kids who will be left behind.

One more video for you.


That video says it better than I ever could.

Praying for families to be blessed and for the children to have hope.

One thought on “Where he’s waiting

  1. Joshua watched the videos with me. About all the girls in their dresses he said “they look pretty!”
    He also commented how the big kids were helping the little kids.

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