One of those days…..

I have had one of those days.  You know the kind….the kind where I notice in the hallway of the school that I am wearing slippers.  The type of day that I forget to grab the backpack, am two steps behind the kids I am “watching” and five minutes late to pick up my own kids.

It all came to a beautiful climax when I was digging in our “very organized” art closet for Big Girl’s hand weaving project.  My digging in that closet isn’t unusual, the fire alarm going off because I forgot the oil warming on the stove for stirfry….well that is what made for an extraordinary moment.

Flames were leaping.  I jumped pretty fast myself – and felt fairly heroic for getting the burning pan out the front door.  My sense of pride quickly faded as I noticed that my children were then in the front yard screaming fire and the dog was half way to the community park trying to escape the loud alarm.  For the second time today, I realized that I was somewhere without shoes….running down the road chasing a dog trying to assure the neighbors that we did not need a firetruck.

Just one of those days.

I survived.  And I will survive again tomorrow.

More than once, Hubbie has caught my eye over the spilled milk, loud voices, and missing shoes to say with a grin- “four huh?!”

Yeah four!

What’s a bit of spilled milk?  I need to be humbled every once in awhile and show up in my slippers.  Now…..Running down the road in February in bare feet chasing the dog – is a bit over the top.  But hey, most great blessings don’t come cheap.

One thought on “One of those days…..

  1. Too funny!! And yes I have had those days! Hang in there. God never gives you more than you can handle. Yes, four is doable!! 🙂 Love you

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