Meimei is 5!

We celebrated the life of our little monkey who is now 5!  She tore into her gifts, blew out the candles, attacked the pinata and ate her fill of ice cream and cake.  Sounds like an average 5 year old.

But for our girl this is extraordinary.

Only a year ago she wouldn’t open her gifts, was afraid of the candles, was to shy for friends, and cried when there was any kind of excitement.  She has grown up so much in the past year!

Hubbie just mentioned how our little monkey really is like an onion.  It seems like we slowly are peeling back layers and learning more about her core.  We are delighted by this sweet, funny, loving girl of ours.  On Monday morning I woke at 6am with her nose pressed to mine.  “I AM 5!”  She exclaimed loudly, waking me with a jolt!  She laughed at her early morning “joke” which ended by smothering me in kisses.  Love, love that girl!

Her birthday doesn’t pass without me thinking about a woman who lives on the other side of the world.  A woman who loved this girl as deeply as I do.  One who made painful decisions in order to give our little monkey life.  My heart breaks for her that she had to miss out on the jokes and kisses.  I see her in the face of my beloved little one.  She must be graceful, witty, loving and compassionate.  How else would my daughter be those things? I am sure she wonders.  Wonders if her girl is now healthy, happy and cared for.

As little monkey blew out her candles, my wish would be to send her birthmom a heart filled message.  “She is amazing!  Thank you for choosing to give her life.”

2 thoughts on “Meimei is 5!

  1. I so agree with you on the emotions of wanting to tell our girls’ birth moms how great they have turned out and how loved they are.:)

  2. Hi there! I found your blog from ChinaAdoptTalk site. When it said you are in China I decided to check it out. Just happened to click on this post to see that Cindy N commented. SUCH a SMALL WORLD. We knew Cindy and Kane when we lived in XN 10 years ago. We are back in the big C but now in Guangxi. We too are adopting and are waiting on our LOA. Fun to read your blog!

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