No longer an orphan

I haven’t met any of the people in this photo.   They are a group of folks who visited an orphanage in China and served those who daily care for orphans.  I am sure this photo will end up in many PowerPoint presentations about their trip, and these wonderful people will mention the cute orphans who they cared for, helped and loved while in China.

I haven’t met the little guy who is being proudly held up with the group either. But, my heart knows him.  He is mine.  And although I didn’t give birth to him, oddly, my heart is already wrapped up into his little life.  I wonder if he is well and if he has had an infection recently.  I wonder if he is growing and thriving and who is caring for him while my arms ache to be the one holding him.  I wonder if he has a nickname and what will bring a smile to his face.

He was one of many orphans at the MaoMing Social Welfare Institute who benefited from the attention and care of this team.   As I eagerly drank in the update, news and new photos of our son graciously sent to me via this group, I was overcome by emotion.

Are you guessing that a woman who is waiting for her son can get a bit emotional when offered the lifeline of an update?  You are right, but that is not what brought on today’s batch of emotional tears.  What waiting mom wouldn’t cry over this sad little face.  I am dying to go and make him smile!  But even that is not what opened the flood gates.

My baby won’t need a team to come visit him, care for him and love him for long!!!   He won’t be an orphan in a PowerPoint presentation.  He won’t be the sweet-natured baby that every visitor at the orphanage falls in love with.  Sniff, sniff….He is mine.  He has a mom who loves him and he will star in photos that land on my mantel and in my scrapbooks.  He has a family coming who will care for him, dote on him and marvel at his sweet personality.  He is the baby my heart fell in love with.  He is no longer an orphan.

That is something to get emotional about, my friends.  The good kind of emotional!

God pursued me and I was no longer an orphan.  Life changing.  When our little monkey called me Momma and understood she had been set into a family, I saw with new eyes the depth of God’s love for me and the joy He must have in calling me child.  Now, as I wait to bring yet another miracle into our lives, I see again how blessed I am to be a part of what God is doing through adoption.

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