Houston, We Have a Ponytail!

We have a ponytail!  Her dream has become a reality.  She has wanted to be “just like big sister” with braids, ponytails and buns from the time she met Big Girl.  (Now her dream has grown to be an Asian-American version of Rapunzel, but for now we will rejoice in step one – the ponytail!)  Yes, there are still a few fly aways, due to a minor “mom is distracted and we are having fun with scissors moment” – but the pony tail holder hung in there all the same.

The minor hair cut incident really is a post in its own right.  I won’t go into it – but it has to do with me cooking Christmas dinner, Big girl trying out her new spin art (which is true to the box’s advertisment – “spin, splash paint fun!”)  I got distracted by the paint flying around my kitchen while trying to put the turkey in the oven.  Next thing I know there is a chunk of black hair on the floor.  Little monkey wanted to see if the scissors would cut “other stuff” and not just paper.  Lessons learned: Mom – You should not allow messy art projects, while cooking, something bad is bound to happen.  Little Monkey – “scissors do cut hair.  If you cut it it takes longer for it to grow out.”

That put us back a few months, but we are all wiser and we are now back on track with growing out that hair. (I really am a crazy mom who never learns the messy art project lesson.  What can I say?)

Could she be cuter with that stub of a ponytail?  Just thought I would share!

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