All of our paperwork has been completed and mailed to China!  This is a huge mile marker in the adoption process and we are thrilled to have come this far in bringing home our little man.  We first saw his face and crazy hair in October – 4 months really is pretty good to get this far in the process.  But to this mom who is waiting for her son, I agonize over every week.  He is growing and changing and I am missing out on precious moments.

We also were blessed with another update and more photos.  On the right is the best of the batch.  See why I agonize over the wait!  He is growing and changing so much!

As part of the update we found out that he indeed is in a foster home, his leg is healing very nicely and he is healthy.  His clubbed foot has also been fit with a new brace.  They really are taking GREAT care of him.  We are beyond thankful that he seems to be in one of the better social welfare systems.

It is starting to sink in.  We really are “expecting #4.”  I know it sounds silly – but when that big envelope slid into the mailbox I was hit with an overwhelming sense of excitement and anxiety.   He is coming!  Ahh, HE IS COMING!  Ready or not he is coming!

So weird to want something so much, but not to be sure if you will ever be ready for it!  Made me want to run around the house and pick up the little legos.  I’ve begun to wonder what size clothes I should be gathering and eying the “boys room” to prep it for the new addition.  Our eldest – Soccer Dude – has moved to the top bunk and declared, “I will watch out for him while he sleeps on the bottom bunk!”  He is a great big brother!

Although we are well on our way, the wait is far from over.  Next, China will give us a “log in date” and process our paperwork for the official “Letter of Approval.”  This can be the most unpredictable wait of the whole process.  Some families will have their LOA in 40 days others will wait 140.  It goes without saying that we hope to be on the shorter side of that wait!  We would appreciate you praying to that end.  It would be such a blessing to be able to travel to pick him up some time this summer when hubbie’s seminary classes are not in session.



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