Family Needed!

This sweet five year old boy thought he had a family coming – but due to no fault of his own his dream of a mom and a dad have been dashed.  The family in process to adopt him, for personal reasons, decided that adoption wasn’t for them.  This leaves Zhao Wen with no family.

His birthday is August 2007, he is post-op meningocele, and has been with the SAME foster family since he was 1 month old! His smile just steals your heart! He has been attending pre-school and is on target with other children his age.

He has had one surgery to correct the meningocele which was completely successful.  He is healthy taking no  extraordinary care.  Updated information is available from this past October stating he has no physical effects from the meningocele. The family who was pursuing his adoption paid to have his file evaluated by a physician and all evals point to a healthy boy!

Vickie, at Hand in Hand, is checking to see if his file will be placed back on the shared list or if she will have it at the agency and could release it to another agency if needed.

I really can’t get this young man out of my mind.  To be so close to a family and then to be put back on the shared list is a tragedy!  Surely there is a family who is already logged in and would want to add on this sweet boy!  Then he would come home just as he had dreamed!  (I tried to convince my hubby that we were that family – no luck!)

I guess the other reason he is on my heart – He is the same age as our little monkey.  It breaks my heart to think of her still sitting on the shared list with no family.  Oh man, what we would be missing out on if we hadn’t adopted one amazing 4 year old!  When she had been home with us about 6 months she asked me – “Mommy why did it take you so long to come get me?” 

These sweet children know.  They wait.  They hope.  And when the months and years go by it hurts.  Let’s pray that Zhao Wen’s wait isn’t much longer.

If you are interested, please email me or leave a comment and I can get you more photos and his file.

Hold on sweet man!  God has a plan for you.  God’s heart is to “set orphans in families” so I am sure you have a family out there somewhere.  Praying they find you soon!

4 thoughts on “Family Needed!

  1. Do you know if he is still waiting? Is he back on the shared list or still with Hand in Hand? Please contact me if you have more info. Thanks

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