Derby Star & Art Star

I totally think my kids are amazing….of course.  But, it is so much fun when my suspicions of their super star quality is confirmed by others! Soccer Dude won second place in the pine wood derby for Royal Rangers for fastest car.  (Royal Rangers is the christian equivalent for boy scouts.)  Notice his choice of paint colors….he was killing his dad by picking Florida Gator colors!  He did work very hard on his car – but I must confess it was a bit of dumb luck that he did so well.  We had no idea how much strategy and science go into these little wooden cars.  He has tasted victory and is now motivated to do his research and be #1 next year!

Big Girl also sparkled and shone at the Wilmore Elementary art show.  She had several pieces on display and was thrilled to drag us by the arm and set us up in front of a wall exclaiming “guess which one is mine!”  I must admit I love that she plays this little game.   It is fun for me to see all the art work and to have a child who shares my excitement and passion for art.  We are blessed with a fantastic art teacher at the kids school who has helped Ruthie to take her art skills to another level.

My favorite was her painting titled “Baby in Blanket.”  I looked at the display of baby paintings and easily picked out the one done by my girl.  Their was only one brown baby in the bunch (with tiny Chinese characters decorating the quilt.)  She had painted her new brother.  LOVE, LOVE her heart that came out in this class project!

You might call me a proud momma.  I prefer to call it blessed and I am just counting those blessings!

2 thoughts on “Derby Star & Art Star

  1. I found an art project of yours the other day….a letter you wrote to Jessica in 1996 with Goofy drawn in the middle of the letter! Love it.

  2. Debi, isn’t it amazing what you find as you sort to move! That is the one thing I love about moving often. There are other parts that aren’t as fun….. Amazing that letter lasted all your moves! I actually remember drawing that for her!!! Where have the years gone.

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