An email popped into my inbox that brought me to tears.  JSC foundation has given us a grant to cover the China orphanage fees for our adoption of Little Man.  I have no words.


How do I thank a group of people I have never met for giving us money to help bring home the son of our hearts?  How can I tell these strangers that they are an answer to heartfelt prayers and that their donation came at the perfect time?  I am afraid if I even knew who to thank I would be a blubbering mess and they would be turned off by all the snot produced by all the tears that came about from one simple email.

It isn’t just JSC.  The support and help that we are getting for bringing Little Man home is truly overwhelming.  A month ago when LifeSong for Orphans gave us a matching grant I felt the same awe and shock.  Who are we to be so blessed and taken care of?  To add on top of that friends from our adoption support group have planned a fundraising event this coming Tuesday, May 15th, to help us with adoption costs (proceeds from which LifeSong will match!)  When I was embarrassed over these sweet friends spending their time and money  – using their contacts to secure vendors to sell goods on our behalf – they shrugged and said “I would spend this much time and money on a baby shower….with this we are helping an orphan.”  The shrug made it so matter of fact as if everyone in the world thinks in those terms.

That is just the beginning of the story.

I run into a woman at ballet this week who I didn’t know.  “Oh you are the family who is adopting from China right?”   I nod and give her my bravest “I probably should know you, but I am not sure who in the world you are smile.”  (Years of traveling and speaking at churches has helped me perfect this special grin.)  She goes on to tell me that she will see me on Tuesday night for the adoption fundraiser.


My practiced grin cracks and I ask who she is and how in tar-nation (is that really a word?   oh, spell check knew it.) did she hear about that.  (Great way to make a person feel welcomed and invited to the event, I might add.)   A friend of a friend, who also is a teacher at the kids’ school, told her about it and they are so excited for our family and praying.

Humbled to see God working through all of this.

Yet there is more.

A family gave us their “change jar” that added up to more than $100.  Friends who sold their house gave from the sale to help us bring our son home.  Ladies in my prayer group are praying and working to see the money come in that is needed.  So many people, who have never met Little Man, already love the crazy haired boy with a sweet smile and they are showing it by helping us bring him home!  How do I thank everyone?

We stepped into this adoption not really feeling prepared and able to pull it off.  We hadn’t had enough time since Little Monkey’s adoption to save for another one.  The math didn’t work.  We couldn’t do it.  I think that was God’s plan all along…to make us step out in faith and trust him to do a miracle miracles in order to bring home our Isaac.  The waiver from China was the first big miracle and now we see the miracles come in one dollar at a time.



There really are no words.

Or, I guess I should just say – “THANKS.”

3 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. I wanted to mention this to you and this seems a great place to put it- my last days in China I met a lovely young woman and friend of a friend fom Xi’an who was my tour guide. I mentioned in passing one day that I had friends back home that were in the process of adopting their second child from China. She was silent for a moment then turned to me and said very seriously, “Carrie will you tell them that I thank them with all my heart for what they are doing for these children and for China.” so thank you Williams for blessing and loving the nation and people of this beautiful land and for your faithfulness to God’s plan for your family.

  2. Praising God with you as He provides for your adoption and ours. I’m so thankful for JSC – they also blessed us with a grant just when we needed it to accept our referral. We just got back from our first trip to Ethiopia. God has been so faithful in providing!

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