Dent….what dent?

I drive a light blue mini-van that is sporting a medium sized dent with a touch of red paint splashed across the middle.  I will spare you the details – just know that a really bad day is forever marked on the back of my van.

Today, I was sitting in the car line dropping off the big kids at school watching a van in front of me when I noticed her dent.  Hmmmm.  What happened on her bad day?

Made me realize that I am not the only mom who has a bad day….running late, distracted, not looking out the rear view mirror to see that my sweet husband had not parked in his usual place, but rather behind my van.  No blame.    (Not going to tell how many times I have had to run over the trash can to make the wheels pop off and be dented like it is.  Who leaves the trash can in the drive!!!)  Just realizing that it happens to more moms than just me.  (Well, dents happen to more moms than me.  The trash can…I do own that I am a bit over the top and certifiable nuts.)

Sometimes I feel like the only one.  Why don’t I see other darlings looking so sweet in their ballet outfits rolling on the floor in a fit of rage?  Why am I the only mom who has children in Sam’s Club fighting over the samples, which sample tastes better, who had a sample, who didn’t have a sample and if that was fair or not?  (Where did my Sam’s Club Card go?  I know I just had it.) Why am I the only one in the meeting with a large brown spot on my blouse?  (Should I sniff it or not?  Ignore it and maybe no one will see it or smell it.)

Oh right….I am not the only one.

The dent in the van who just happened to be in front of me in line today blessed my socks off.  I hate that she had a bad day, but man did I need the reminder that I am not alone.

I need all of you.  I need to know that this huge job of raising my kids can be done and that you are with me struggling in the day to day stuff, but not giving up.   Thanks lady in the red mini van with the biggish dent in the left corner for being there for me this morning.  Hope you see my dent tomorrow and are encouraged as well.


Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. – Galatians 6:9





3 thoughts on “Dent….what dent?

  1. abe scraped the paint on the side of my suburban today with his handlebars…


    thanks for sharing and being real!

  2. you are not alone. i lived with a dent and broken tail light cover for 3 years! and my wife had hers just 3 months after we arrived in wilmore… got it roughly knocked back to shape but the scar and peeling paint are clearly visible. tough days don’t last. tough people do.

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