I have been banned from all future preschool graduation ceremonies.

(No, I did not go all soccer mom crazy screaming at the teacher handing out diplomas.  I am not that mom.  Although, I have been told that I can be obnoxious on the sidelines.  It is my goal to out yell the overly critical, mean soccer mommas and overly ambitious dads.  I figure if I yell encouraging things two times louder then it all evens out….right?  I have been banned from carrying my guitar to soccer games to sing my “we are all winners” song too.  That is for a different post.)

Little Monkey graduated from preschool and it was a huge event with a commencement speech – the whole nine yards.  As the children’s pastor gave what was supposed to be an encouraging sermon on how our kids grow up if given the right environment, I found myself growing faint.  “In six years they will be going to middle school,” he beamed.  I swooned to the right.  “Another six years and they will be off to college,” he added with pride.  I rocked to the left.  “The years go quickly.” the pastor ended with a flourish just as I thought I would vomit ending  in a messy heap on the floor.

Will it really be over that soon?

When I think of how far Little Monkey has come in one year, I believe it.  Just a year ago she clung to my leg, cried and feared making new friends.  Now she is one confident little girl who is counting the days till the next milestone.

I  know… I should want her to grow up confident, independent – the world changer she is bound to be.  I do.  But a secret confession….I love kids!  I got hooked back in my babysitting days and decided then I should have 13 kids and a station wagon.


13 more kids.  Perfect!

Just when I thought I would faint during preschool graduation, I thought of Little Man.  Little Monkey might be growing up, but there is another to come.

Somehow my sweet hubby knew the gleam in my eye as I pulled myself together to celebrate our daughter’s big moment.

“We can’t keep having kids so that they never grow up, you know!”  “What?”  I replied with innocence.  He wasn’t fooled.

“You are banned from all future preschool graduations!”  He declared hoping that it would curb my need for just one more baby!

Hmmm, we shall see! I guess we should see how we do with four before I make more plans.  I will give Hubby that!  😉

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