Help us – help a widow & an orphan!

Some people are called to adopt (that is the camp we are in) but many are not.   Sometimes it is hard to know how to live out James 1:27 where God mandates that we care for orphans and widows.   If we are not called to adopt does that let us off the hook?  If my mother is not a widow, then am I off the hook in the widow department?

We have recently been given a chance to live out James 1.27 in a practical way.  Both Hands is a non-profit organization who plans events to care for widows in practical ways while raising funds for orphans to be set in families.  The founder had the idea of not hosting a golf-a-thon or a marathon where folks get sponsors to play a game – instead they help plan a work day for a widow in need.  A team of people work on a widow’s house and ask folks to sponsor them for their days work.   You guessed it – the proceeds from the sponsors go towards the high cost of an adoption.

When I first read about the project it gave me goose bumps.  It really is an easy practical way to live out our faith.  Our family has made it a priority to care for orphans – but to be frank, I had ignored the second half of that verse.  I was excited by the challenge to serve with both hands – one hand for the widow, one hand for the orphan.

Karla just lost her husband four months ago after a long illness.  I sat down with her to see if she needed help around her house.  She came up with a list that started with weeding her flowerbeds (it hurts her knees to kneel), flipping her mattress (it is to heavy) and hanging things on the walls (she doesn’t know how to work a drill).  Her modest list, that she was unable to do for herself, brought tears to my eyes.  How have I not thought to serve her and other widows earlier?

We have come up with a much bigger list of ways we can bless Karla.  On Saturday, June 9th we are going to spend the day doing just that.  The kids are excited to help her too.  When Beth learned that Ms. Karla lives by herself without a family I was surprised to see how she connected with that.  “We need to help her mommy!”

Would you consider helping us with this project?  If you live in Kentucky (or you want to come visit for the weekend!) we REALLY need more workers.  Karla says she doesn’t expect us to finish her list of projects but we sure would like to.

Both Hands in connection with Lifesong for Orphans has taken this project to another level by offering us a matching grant for any sponsorship money that comes in for our project up to $3000.00.  Anyone who sponsors our family (or the other workers) for our day of work on June 9th will truly be helping us with the travel costs to go pick up our new son in China (who no longer will be an orphan!  WOOT, WOOT!) and will be helping Karla in her grief.  If you are not able to be a part of the work team, would you sponsor us or one of our workers for the day?

There is a Both Hands button on the right side of the blog.  You can donate on line by clicking on that button.  Every gift small or large will make a difference!

Sometimes it is hard to know how to live out our faith.  When the Bible says that it is good to serve orphans and widows (James 1.27)- that is great, but how should that really look today?   I have been challenged during this process.  We hope you have been as well and that you will take this chance to live out James 1.27!

2 thoughts on “Help us – help a widow & an orphan!

  1. So great! We’re thinking about doing this too. It’s such a fabulous idea and I love the idea of working with friends and families to make a good name for our Jesus!

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