Our Both Hands Video

Check out this video from our Both Hands project last Saturday.   We worked with a team of beyond amazing folks to bless Carla, who recently has become a widow.  She had a list of jobs around her house (inside and out) that she couldn’t accomplish on her own.  We mulched flower beds, trimmed trees, changed AC filters and even flipped her mattress – all jobs that seem overwhelming to one person.  It was a hot long day of work, but we all felt blessed by the end result. (Keep in mind that it had been very hot and we had worked a long day by the time I was interviewed for this video. Talk about humbling to have my stinky bad haired self sent out all over the web!)

Here is the video from the day:

The team has gone one step further in living out James 1.27 by seeking sponsors for their day of work at Carla’s house.  The money that has come in from the sponsors has gone towards our adoption costs.   It’s not to late to be a part of this amazing project.  If you feel led to give,  you can click on the Both Hands button in the right hand bar here in the blog.  All of the money will go towards the costs of traveling to get our new son and finalizing his adoption into the Williams clan.  Another way you could help is by sharing this video with your friends or liking it on Facebook to spread the word.  Feel challenged to live out James 1.27 by serving a widow or helping a family to adopt?  We would love to talk with you about how to plan an event in your area!

A VERY BIG thank you to the Grosz family – who not only worked the day of the project, but also put together this video for us!  You guys rock!!

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