Letter of Approval arrived – HE IS OURS!

The title of this post says it all…..I almost can’t type from excitement.  We got the letter of approval (LOA) from China that we have been waiting on.  They have officially approved us to be Little Man’s family!

I was just beginning to feel a bit blue about how long we were waiting on our LOA.  We have been able to rejoice with two friends and my sister who have added babies to their families – and I wanted my “due date” to come too.  Enough of this paper pregnancy.  I want there to be end.  I was even telling God that I would welcome some good old painful contractions just to get the process going.

That is when our sweet Lifeline social worker called.

I went from depressed to excited in such a short time frame I thought my body was going to physically protest by bringing up my lunch.

It is still sinking in.  We are really going to China at the end of the summer.  We really are going to have four children.  I really am going to be mom to this rock star with hair that sticks up on end!   There really will be a family day ending this adoption and making this guy ours forever!

From here the process is more predictable.  We wait about a month for his immigration paperwork, we get visas to travel to China, and then we get travel approval to pick up our boy!  That should all happen so that Little man is able to join our family in August.

Wow!  I need to clean out a dresser, set up a crib, and get the LEGOS up on higher shelves.  Off to nest…..


6 thoughts on “Letter of Approval arrived – HE IS OURS!

  1. I am grinning from ear to ear. Couldn’t be more excited and happy for you Williams!!!!!

  2. Congratulations, Williams’ family! We know that you have been waiting for this. God be with you on another new adventure.

  3. Such good news! Will pray for things to continue to come together and for safe passage!! So EXCITED!!!!

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