The boy of my dream

Three years ago, I woke startled from a vivid dream.  I had been standing in a hospital waiting for the nurse to bring me my child.  I was anxious and filled with joy over becoming a mother.  I saw the nurse coming towards me from down the hall and I heard God’s voice, “you don’t want Ishmael.  I will give you Isaac.”  The nurse disappeared in the fog of my dream and I woke.

At the time we were in process of adopting Little Monkey.  We had been matched with her and knew she would join our family some time that year.  So the dream was confusing at best, but I felt like God had given me the promise of an Isaac.

My dear sweet husband….what can I say besides that?! 😉  I asked him then if he was willing to add #4.  During an emotional and unpredictable adoption isn’t the best time to ask a husband to consider doing it again.  Him answering yes was a sign to me that #4 was already a miracle!

We were in no hurry and felt like God would bring Isaac to us in his timing.  In the midst of seminary after only a year of adding Little Monkey wasn’t the timing I thought God had for us.  But, God’s timing rarely is my timing.

I weekly check lists of children who need families and pray.  In October while praying for a group of special focus boys, I came across his sweet face.  I saw him and recognized him as the boy from my dream….my Isaac.   If I tried to explain to you how my heart stopped and my mouth went dry – you would think I was nuts.  Just believe me.  I recognized my son looking at me with deep eyes and hair that sticks on end.

God lined up so many little things to confirm to us that he was the one.  My college roommate, Heather emailed me his picture that same week saying, “he would be perfect for your family!”  The social worker at Lifeline told us no families had been interested in this sweet man and she thought she could get us approved to adopt him although we didn’t meet all of the requirements China has set for adoptive families.  One small miracle after another – proving to our hearts that Isaac was on his way home to us.  The cherry on top – watching as God has provides the funds we need each step of the way.  He is so good.

About six weeks out from traveling to go get our boy and I find myself pinching my arm to make sure I am awake and this is not a dream.   The years of waiting, wondering and praying will soon be transformed into years of training, watching him grow and praying even more!  I can’t wait to begin this next chapter with Isaac.

So that is how we started the adoption of #4 and why we are naming him Isaac.  Just wanted to share with you and give testimony to what God can do.  We are an ordinary family with few worldly riches but God has helped us to adopt twice.  I wonder why I am so blessed.  I really don’t know.  Maybe because we simply were willing to accept the gift of adoption for our family and believed that it could be…….

For whatever reason I am one thankful mother.

One thought on “The boy of my dream

  1. My husband and I had our first 5 years ago and then we decide to adopt. Adoption is a unique experience and it can be a long one. At some point your just like, “God, just give me a child!” Its funny to look back and so how impatient we were. When our adopt finalized with our sibling group of two 8 and 10 year old boys, I couldn’t help but look back and laugh at myself thinking about that phrase, “We plan, God laughs” No matter what struggle we were going through or heartache we were feeling, God knew who our children were the whole time.
    I like your dream, “you don’t want Ishmael. I will give you Isaac.”
    I hate to think what would have happened if our (my) impatience would have gotten the best of us.

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