Getting ready

Five weeks from now we should be heading out on a journey to add #4 to our fold.  So excited that I can not stand it.  Had a friend ask me on Sunday what “nesting” looks like for an adoptive parent.  I wanted to say “it is the same!”  In a way it is.  We are getting the crib this week.  I am washing little boy clothes and clipping diaper coupons.  And, Soccer dude is beginning to complain that he can’t possibly be required to keep all the small Lego pieces picked up in his room (that will soon be the BOYS room).

But in so many ways it is different.

We are counting our pennies to see who is going to make the trip to China.  We are buying plane tickets, making packing lists, checking paperwork, buying gifts for nannies and comparing notes from last time.  So thankful that this is our second adoption!  I feel more confident and prepared….but even more I am so thankful for the years we spent living in China and learning the language.  In a weird way I feel like we are going back to the land of our hearts – no stress in that!

But for many adoptive families it is not like that.

When we were adopting Little Monkey we ran into another family, who were also adopting, at our hotel.  After chatting we found out that they had been “locked” up in their room for 5 days nervous due to a bad guide and not being familiar with China.  We invited them to eat with us at one of the local restaurants and to experience life outside of the hotel.  We had a great time.  Their daughter ate her weight in tofu and the parents experienced the spicy goo for the first time.  They learned that the “real” Chinese food is found at the small restaurants around the corner.  What a joy for our family to be a part of that moment with them.

Seriously it is like eating at “Minnie Lee’s” in my husband’s hometown.  You really don’t understand Southern cooking until you have eaten black eyed peas, fried cornbread, and fried catfish at that greasy spoon washing it down with some sweet tea.  Might not be this salad & steamed codfish eaten girl’s favorite place to eat – but to connect to Hubby’s roots I eat the food, chat with the locals and have a big time.

That is what motivated Hubby and I to make the bilingual menu.  Crazy I know.  I should be focusing on getting that crib put up – but so many other things going through my blonde head.

Hoping we connect with more adoptive families on this trip too – but if not we could at least share a little of what we know with you before we travel so that you can enjoy the local food.   (Now you don’t need to fear ordering Yak knee or blood intestine soup – FYI, We have done both and survived.  We did not include those favorites on the menu!)   Chat (or just smile and nod) with the sweet friendly people of China and have a big time.

Since those of you who will probably buy the menu right now will be our “travel mates” we are offering it for a promo rate of $2 a single download and $3 for both.

If you are in China in August look for us at the 小炒 (Xiăo Chăo) eating our meals.  If we see you with one of our menus…dinner will be on us!

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