The final paper

They should award a PHD for all that I have had to learn and research -not to mention all of the papers I have had to fill out- to become Little Man’s momma.  Seriously worth a PHD.  But, I guess my reward is coming….and coming soon!

We just got our Art 5 (for those of you who don’t know what this is….trust me it is boring, but important paper from the consulate in China linked to Little Man’s visa)!  That leaves us with only one more paper.  Just one more needed to bring our new son home!  I really can hardly believe it.  Now all we need is travel approval (TA) from the China Consulate of Adoption Affairs.  That is it and it could come in just two weeks.

Just two weeks.


2 weekos.

Waiting on the final paper.

Makes me a bit dizzy, excited, relieved, sick to my stomach, nervous….not really sure all that I am feeling.  It took us over a year and a half to adopt Little Monkey.  I guess I am still in shock that God has brought this adoption together in such a short time.  October to August….11 months from the time we saw his sweet face until we will have him in our arms.  Short….but long.  I am dying to love on that boy and bring him home!  I think the next two weeks might be the longest of my life.  sigh!

God has brought us this far.  I know he will be with us for the last leg of the race.  And a race it will be.  I am pulling together what we need to welcome an almost two year old into our home.  Wondering what size clothes he might wear (does he look like he might wear 18 month clothes to you?) dusting off the crib and thinking twice about pulling the stroller down from the attic.  (Pretty sure after riding around on a battery operated motorcycle he is going to reject the stroller idea I had!  See new photo below.  Crazy fun!)  I am making packing lists, trying to decide on travel arrangements, and praying for cheap tickets.  (We would appreciate you praying with us for the funding we need for travel.)    I am using all my un-nameable new momma emotions/energy to get it all done.

The race is on and the finish line is in sight!

2 thoughts on “The final paper

  1. This is truly awesome news! I know God is rewarding you a beautiful blessing! And yes, I think he might be in about a size 18 months:) But then again, Tre is 19 years old. Its been a while since I really had to check out clothing sizes:)))) I am happy for you!!

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