We have a “due” date

A week from Monday this Little Man will be in my arms.   Surreal.  I can’t even begin to describe how it feels to be close to the end.  Adoption really does feel like an ENDLESS waiting game.  At times you wonder if there really is a child at the end of all the paperwork and waiting.  When the wait is over – well, I am just crying with relief.  In 12 days he will become a real person in my arms rather than a photo on my refrigerator.

We are now in a mad dash to be prepared to leave in a few short days.

We would really appreciate your prayers for our family as we enter the last stage of brining Isaac home.  His little world is about to be turned upside down – leaving his beloved Nanny who takes him home with her on the weekends.  He has had to face so much grief and loss in his short life and I cringe at the sorrow he is about to face again.  It is for his best to have a forever family – but it doesn’t mean the journey ahead will be easy on his little heart.  Pray that God comforts him through the transitions ahead and prepares him to be set into a family.

Also would you pray for this momma who is about to leave her first two babies in order to get her fourth.  Although I know they will be in good hands it still breaks my heart that they are not able to come with us.  Soccer Dude and Big Girl also are disappointed, but are being brave.  Big Girl especially is praying that “Little Man doesn’t bond to Little Monkey so much that he loves her most!”  True sister rivalry at it’s best right there!

Little Monkey is coming with us.  Having her older two siblings with us when we adopted her was a huge gift.  They made her feel comfortable and eased her grief in ways that Hubbie and I were unable to do.  We wanted that gift for Little Man as well.  Little Monkey’s exact words – “I remember how scary it is to see a new white family.  Isaac will be scared.  I can help him.”   She does remember her adoption journey vividly and preparing for this trip has brought up many questions.  Please pray that this is a journey of healing and her place in our family is solidified even more.

The last prayer request…..well I almost hate to share it, because I am having a hard time getting my emotions lined up with what my head knows is true.  This whole adoption has been a step of faith for us – one that we were confident in, but weren’t sure how it would all play out.  God has been providing every step of the way.  A grant just when we needed to pay the next agency fee.  Sweet friends helping with fundraising on our behalf that has paid the orphanage donation and helping with plane tickets.  Each need has been met.  God is a faithful provider.  We know that to be true.  Yet it seems that we are being tested even further.  We just found out that Hubbie will not be getting a full salary this month and probably not next either.  The worst possible timing.  We have lived on support for 15 years and have never not gotten a paycheck.  You could look at it as weird timing – but I really feel like it is Satan hitting us at an emotional time.  We are choosing to believe that God will provide again.  Please pray that we are faithful in trusting Him as the Provider that He has always been in our ministry and lives.  I look forward to giving you testimony on how He does just that.

Thank you so much for following us on this journey.  We will be posting often so that you can meet our little guy so stayed tuned!

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