More transitions

For us transitions do seem to come in pairs.  Soccer Dude was born; We moved to Peru.  Big girl joined our family and we felt God leading us to China.  Little Monkey’s adoption was followed by a move back to the States (Well that one happened kinda at the same time.  Sigh)  So, I guess we should have expected a big transition coupled with Little Man joining our family.

Hubbie has been offered a job in Florida at RCC as one of their pastoral staff (doing missions, discipleship and teaching).  If God is going to keep us in the States for awhile (which He seems to be doing) then this really is a perfect job for my man.  He is so excited to be training leaders, helping them expand their missions and outreach.  Bonus – we will be living near his family.  Yeah for grandparents, aunts and uncles to lean on!  Not sure I am going to know what to do with that!

Bryan will wrap up his work with GO InterNational this month and we are preparing for a move to Florida after we bring Little Man home.

A lot of transition.

Big Girl mentioned in the van a few days ago – “so next time we adopt we will move again?”  Without taking a breath, Hubbie answered, “NO and NO!”   I guess in the midst of boxes and bringing another son home is not the time to talk about future plans for our lives!  Heehee.

It has taken me some time to adjust to the idea of staying in the States.  We thought after seminary we would be heading back to China in some way.   Although God hasn’t opened a door for that right now, we are confident that He has not changed our calling to China.  China is in our hearts and a part of our family in many ways.

One opportunity for a continued outreach in China that has come my way is through (un)adopted, a branch of Lifeline Children’s Services.  (un)adopted is an arm of Lifeline that serves orphans who have not been adopted for various reasons.  They are blessing orphanages in many countries including China.  I have been invited to travel with (un)adopted to begin art camps at orphanages in China.  Is that perfect or what?!  The first trip will be in February or March.  I will keep you posted on how God is able to use my gifts and passions to care for orphans while living in the States.  Excited to see what God has in store.

Thank you so much to all of you who have been praying for us and following our adventure of trusting and following God.  Never a dull moment when we are pursuing Him.

For now….one adventure at a time.  Let’s go get our little man (and hope our house packs on its own while we are gone!)


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