God is good

Because it is after 1 in the morning and I am leaving in a few short hours to fly to China to bring my youngest home….FOREVER, I will try to keep this brief.  But I just couldn’t neglect sharing with you how wonderfully good my God is.  I am simply amazed at how He is providing for us in the final hours before we fly to bring Isaac home.

I joked with a friend on Sunday that we “were climbing the mountain like Abraham sure that God would provide what was needed at the top.”   Even a few short days ago we were not sure how, but knew God would provide all of our needs.  It is a long story (and I am keeping this brief) but God provided in a very unexpected way the exact amount of funds that we were lacking in our salary this month.  As if that was not enough we had the amount of our plane tickets given within $20.   Sweet friends at church donated vitamins to take to Little Man’s orphanage.  We had checks arrive in the mail and cash given to us for our spending money.  All of this in the past four days.

Isn’t He good!

Thank you all so much for praying for us and being a part of this miracle.

Really pondering tonight what amazing plan God must have for our sweet boy.  God is moving mountains and providing in mighty ways to bring him home.  My skin tingles as I say his name….Isaac.  The child God promised.

One thought on “God is good

  1. praying for you guys and that all the paperwork and transition needs goes smoothly. Anxious to see the little guy in person.

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