Forever Grateful

One woman changed the life of my son.  A woman who saw him as an infant with potential – a child who could thrive and live life to its fullest.

Every orphanage has a budget which makes for some difficult decisions by the orphanage director.  Medical care costs money.  Which child if given medical care will get better?  Paperwork costs money.  Which child if gotten paper ready would be adopted?  The orphanage director in Maoming saw a sick child who would need several surgeries and leg braces and thought – he is worth that investment.  When she looked at her budget and chose which children to prepare for adoption she looked at our boy and thought – a family will surely choose him.

Forever I will be in her debt.

Two beggars sit outside the hotel we have been staying in while completing our paperwork.  One is missing his leg and the other has severally clubbed feet.  Every time I walk by them I feel like weeping.  If the orphanage director had not seen the potential in Isaac that is what could have become of him.   Instead our Little Man is packed and ready to start his new life in the States.

The orphanage director handed me a thick book of photos, medical files and x-rays, gifts from the nannies and asked me for my email address.  “Would we send photos of Xunxun as he grows?”  I assured her we would and promised to send her a video of him walking.  Tears flooded her eyes as she shook my hand.

I am not sure that I could ever tell her “thank you” in a way that would convey how deeply I feel in debt to this woman.  But, as I stood there looking into the eyes of the director – we both understood.  We are two women who have seen something amazing in this boy and know that he is worth it all.

Adoption update:  Today they handed us the last of all of our documents.  IT IS FINISHED!!   We are now packed up and ready for the journey home.  In a few short hours we will board the plane and start Little Man’s new life as part of a family.  


5 thoughts on “Forever Grateful

  1. You and your husband represent the goodness of God on earth. Special love to you all. Have a good journey home.

  2. Tammy and family,
    I have loved watching the transition of your family from 5 to 6:). This post, especially, has brought me to tears, mostly because as a parent of another limb different child, I too know how different my daughter’s life could have been. During matching and all through the stages of adoption, people would tell me that those with obvious differences in china were often shunned and ended up living on the streets. Watching Lillie in her gymnastics class as I read your post, I am reminded that sometimes, what others see as a limitation is really not! I am certain that there will be times for you, like for us, when it presents a few challenges, but overall, I am heartsick to think of how our children’s limb differences would be viewed in other places.
    Thankful for the birth parents that chose to give them Life ( and not take it away), for the orphanages, directors and nannies that Cared for and nurtured and hoped for them, and that someone believed that they deserved a loving family. Congratulations again!
    Andrea and Lillie

  3. I have no words, Tammy… Only tears of joy and celebration! Absolutely can’t wait to meet him. God is so GOOD! Love to you all…

  4. I am so thrilled for your family. I have so enjoyed your blog and cried as I read some of your journey. Hope one day when you are up here we can connect. Safe travels and God bless you.
    Chris Vinande

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