On the move

We are the proud parents of a very active almost 2 year old.  I did not think that was the case 2 days ago (the active part not the proud part.)  The first few days with us he was content to sit in our arms or to sit on the floor and play with the wooden blocks or train cars we brought with us.

We caught a glimpse of how fast he could move while playing in the hotel’s playroom.  I went inside the play castle at Little Monkey’s bidding and Little Man did not like that one bit.  He took off on his knees.  Man was I thankful for the small castle window that gave me the first peek at the mobility of my youngest son!  I really would have assumed that little fairies had picked him up and moved him if I hadn’t witnessed his knee walk run myself.

Then he caught sight of me……and froze.

That is when I got the clue of how smart and mischievous my new son is!

Game on.

Today – he was pushing the stroller around the hotel room (with Little Monkey inside), pulling out all the plugs from the wall, swiping down anything within reach from the desk and end table – and that was just while I was trying to get him ready for bed!  (I haven’t even mentioned how he took off naked when I turned my back from a diaper change.  He then proceeded to pee on the floor and clap for himself.  Hubbie’s comment to the round spot on the carpet.  “That’s my boy!”  No help there!!!)

If I had a dollar for every look of pity Little Man gets while we are out and about – I would have enough money to adopt another sweet child!  Actually I would like to pay a lot of people to see what I see.  This is not someone to pity.  He is an amazing boy who has overcome so much and is learning to achieve great things in spit of  limitations.  It would do us all some good to work hard to overcome.

To the man in the market today who said “you are very good hearted people” I say – Actually I feel a bit selfish.  I have the treasure and blessing of being this man’s mom all to myself.  I am the blessed one.  For some reason God is giving me a front row seat to see one of his miracles in action.  How blessed am I?  (Blessed and a bit tired.  He is fast!)

Adoption update:  We got through Little Man’s medical check-up (needed to enter the States), have filled out a bagillion more pieces of paperwork and now we we wait.  Monday we should have his passport.  Wednesday we visit the consulate to finalize everything so we can head for home!  

Here are a few photos from the last two days.

Our Little Man
Watching the cars below
all rough and tumble
first spaghetti


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