Hurricane Isaac lives at my house!

Seriously, I am mom to the most snuggly baby in the world.  Our Little Man loves to be held, wraps his arms tightly and buries his face into the deep places of your neck.  I can’t resist him when he comes running on his knees saying, “MA” with his hands held up.  Love, love having another little one around.

Yet, Adjusting to life with a baby after taking a five year break….well it has created a bit of chaos in my world.  It feels like a hurricane has hit our house as I relearn how to be a mom to a baby.  TWICE I have totally forgotten the diaper bag.  Maybe the nice smelly surprise that was deposited at Walmart will keep me from forgetting in the future.  (I dropped and ran.  Maybe I will make it to Walmart tomorrow….with the diaper bag!)  Now I remember why I didn’t carry a purse for so many years.  Move over cute black shoulder bag – enters in bulky diaper bag with my wallet and keys somewhere towards the bottom.

So it is taking me some time to adjust.  But Little Man – he has jumped right in as if he has always been a part of the crew.  Where are the food issues?  Isn’t he supposed to be crazy difficult in the nights?  Maybe the other shoe will drop – but for now we are enjoying one happy, easy, outgoing, loving baby.

We are trying to stay close to home this week and get to know each other.   There is a lot to learn.  Daily it seems we are seeing another side of his personality and figuring out this little guy. We have missed out on almost two years of his development and it takes some work to catch up.  For now we are rejoicing with every “first” that we experience with him.  Proud of him for figuring out how to use a fork.  Loved seeing him play basketball with dad and big brother and  we are constantly laughing over his antics to entertain us and keep up with the big kids.  (We totally need to figure out a walker or ride toy that can give his poor knees a break.  You wouldn’t believe the work out he is giving them running after the other kids!)

He has gone to church with us.  (Waved to everyone and acted as if it was his job to greet everyone at the door.  Perfect PK.)   The pool took him a few minutes, but he warmed up quickly to splashing with the big kids.  We need to teach the boy how to swim soon because he didn’t like needing to stay so close to mom.

All in all a great first week.  Makes me think that we could add two more.  If they are all this sweet and easy……

Hubbie says – “he has the perfect personality for a youngest.”  😉


mastering the fork!


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